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App upload on Google Play 2014

Uploading APK sounds simple task but need more work and attention.

                                      Before Uploading Android app to Google Play

   Points to keep in mind before uploading the .apk file to Google Play are,

Core of App  Must be sure, the complete app/core of the app is developed and tested well. Check whether the app satisfies the requirements. Code Review Once the app is developed as per the requirement then it is the time for Code Review. Because code review will give the chance for reducing coding, performance optimization, and memory optimization etc. Tools are available for this PMD and Find Bug.
Note: If you are using Android Studio then inbuilt tool is available for code review.  Click on Analyze -> Inspect Code.
Android Manifest.xml This is the file can explain about the app to Google Play. Because Google Play determines and create filters for avoiding failed installation. Ex: Choosing Minimum SDK version and Maximum SDK version will restrict the app visible …